Best Low Fat Low Carb Diet

Women have associated health and fitness with losing weight; Obviously, excessive weight is not an indication of a healthy or fit body, but when opting for an overall healthy lifestyle, women should consider avoiding fad diets and crash diets, because they can actually jeopardize their health.

1. A Low Fat Low Carb Diet.

Crash dieting returns to increasing your body of food for longer than 12 hours at a time with the expectation that you will burn body fat, losing weight and an excessive amount of body fat in a comparatively short time. However, if you find the right low fat low carb diet you will make a decent step towards losing weight the right way, while staying fit.

2. What Happens With The Wrong Diets?

When your body is deprived of food for any length of time it responds by burning lean muscle tissue and preserving its fat stores – responding as it would to starvation conditions. When the body is deprived of nutrients for any length of time, its first response is to ensure the brain gets sufficient energy and, since the brain needs a continuous supply of glucose, fat stores need to be preserved for as long as possible as it is through this pathway that glucose is first obtained.

Silly weight loss regimes, such as this, will do little to help you permanent weight loss. When your body is deprived of food it goes into starvation mode as a result of which, no matter how little you eat later, your body will attempt to store the food as fat in an effort to reserve the function of the vital organs.

3. Harm Your Body.

Apart from that, consider harmful can be done to the body if you deprive it of vital nutrients. Although there are many nutrients the body can make for itself, foods such as protein and those containing certain vitamins can not be manufactured internally and have to be taken from the food you eat.

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