Dexa scan says 40% body fat!?

Ok so the low down…


Based on my look/measurements/non-formal checks you'd "anticipate" a couple of 26% bfp, perhaps?
I used to be anticipating it to be greater as a result of I can undoubtedly see myself being fairly "skinny fats" in that sense, and was nervous to see one thing nearer to 30%… however 40%!? That's MAJORLY overweight. Is it potential I’m simply THAT unhealhty?

Additional low down: I eat wholesome and work out (raise weights, dance, HIIT) a good quantity, nonetheless I’ve fairly extreme anxiousness and melancholy, that means I do have durations of time the place I’ll go weeks or months barely getting away from bed. For instance, earlier than my wedding ceremony I used to be exercising frequently (Three-5x per week), fairly intensely (lifting weights and doing TABATA between rounds). We really did a swing dance with lifts for our first dance, so I used to be going to bounce follow and working towards on prime of that, it was very cardiovascularly heavy. I used to be additionally counting macros to drop pounds and so on. But quickly after my wedding ceremony I went by means of a interval of actually dangerous SADD and extreme work stress which led me to change into nearly fully sedentary for about 6 months, earlier than slowly beginning to get again into exercising once more not too long ago. I acquired my DEXA scan right now (after the interval of melancholy and earlier than I began getting again into figuring out once more). Is it potential that in the course of the 6 months of melancholy my body went SO downhill I misplaced a ridiculous quantity of muscle and gained fats (as a result of my Lbs/look didn’t change a lot)? Or is it potential the DEXA scan is inaccurate? Or are you able to exercise out and appear decently wholesome however nonetheless be *that* fats? As I stated, I eat OK; principally mediterranean model food regimen, however I admit I eat an excessive amount of sugar since it’s a crutch for my anxiousness and it is rather arduous to beat (one of the best I can do is handle the energy and carbs quantity total). I did a bodily not too long ago and all my markers have been good, most have been really within the optimum vary. The just one that was not optimum was the blood sugar (as I stated that's my downfall… nevertheless it was nonetheless properly throughout the regular vary).

This is what I appear to be:

(sorry for the shitty pics I simply wished to provide an instance)

What do you suppose?
(I'm asking as a result of I need to drop pounds and change into extra wholesome, nevertheless it's arduous if you’re confused about the place you might be ranging from :))

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