Diet for Depression: Cure It With Diet High On Cashew Nuts

Cure Depression with Cashewnuts

Remember these days you have been further cranky and grumpy since you had skipped your breakfast that morning? Or these days when you’ve gone to mattress empty abdomen solely to toss and switch all through the night time? It is a standard information that what we eat has the potential to find out our temper. And a promising weight loss plan for melancholy can sound like an final bliss.  

As a matter of truth, some meals have the power to enhance our temper and temper swings and one such superb meals is cashew nut. Some of the main parts of melancholy are stress and nervousness. Health gurus everywhere in the world have been recommending bodily workouts and yoga to cope with stress and this has additionally been backed by trendy science. 

However, one of the vital vital powerhouses to cope with melancholy is cashew nut. Cashew has innumerable vitamins that it may be used in its place for yogurt, butter, cheese, and eggs. [1]

Why Cashew Nuts?

Cashew nut is full of important vitamins comparable to vitamin B6, protein and different important amino acids which acts as pure antidepressants. [2]


In most circumstances, serotonin (a chemical produced by nerve cells) deficiency is accountable for elevated ranges of stress and nervousness. Here is the excellent news. Cashew nut is loaded with one of the vital vital amino acids, tryptophan which is accountable for the regulation of serotonin within the mind and acts as a precursor to the antidepressant hormone. Tryptophan is without doubt one of the chief parts in all plant-based meals. 

Tryptophan is present in excessive density in cashew nuts: 1000-2000 milligrams per ¼ cup serving. Apart from cashew nuts, tryptophan could be present in bananas, pumpkins, candy potatoes, almonds, and pumpkin seeds.


One of the foremost influencers of our temper and feelings is magnesium. To have a wholesome thoughts and nervous system, it is very important notch up the quantity of magnesium consumption to a substantial diploma. 

Speaking of magnesium, cashew nuts and almonds are a great supply of magnesium. Additionally, magnesium additionally takes an lively half in mitigating the blood sugar degree which can straight affect our stress ranges. Cashew nuts comprise 83 milligrams of magnesium per serving.  

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 performs an important function in relation to psychological well being. Like amino acids, vitamin B6 has a direct affect on the secretion of serotonin. Combined with tryptophan, vitamin B6 helps calm our thoughts. Apart from cashews, different meals which comprise wealthy quantities of vitamin B6 embrace bananas, pumpkins, candy potatoes, almonds, pumpkin seeds, avocados, and chia. [3]

Inclusion of Food Fats

Like vitamin B6 and magnesium, a balanced consumption of wholesome unsaturated fat obtained from nuts has a serious affect on the nervous system of our physique. 

Cashew nuts are one of many best sources of monounsaturated fat that are important for maintaining melancholy and different temper dysfunction conveniently at bay. 

Think twice earlier than swallowing the tablet

Most of the individuals diagnose melancholy solely when it’s prematurely stage and resort to taking drugs to be able to sort out the difficulty. Though trendy medicines work, it may well even have unwanted effects. To stop problems, it is very important know the signs of melancholy and diagnose it on the earliest. Exercising recurrently and guarantee a minimal of eight hours of sleep are a few of the pure methods to sort out melancholy.

In some areas of the world, melancholy is taken into account as a really minor or non-existent situation. Adding insult to damage, many celebrities and web influencers have began to glamorise the situation when it’s something however glamorous. This angle bars sufferers from searching for real medical assist. As a consequence, sufferers find yourself at quacks’ clinics who prescribe undesirable and addictive drugs worsening the state of affairs.

Person taking medicine
Person taking medication


Though meals performs an important function in assembly the a lot wanted nutritional vitamins and amino acids required to sort out melancholy, nothing can change the importance of normal train and sound sleeping habits. 

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