Food that is harmful for your bones

Calcium is a fussy mineral and doesn’t get absorbed simply. It wants the ‘proper setting’ to get absorbed. Only about 20 to 30% of the ingested calcium is absorbed. In girls after menopause the absorption even falls all the way down to as little as 7% of the entire ingested calcium. Most of the unabsorbed calcium will get excreted within the urine, some within the stools & the remainder within the sweat. For higher absorption calcium should be accompanied by magnesium & phosphorous, vitamin A, C & vitamin D. Some meals forestall calcium from being successfully absorbed and ultimately promote bone loss.


Calcium depleters 

  1. Soft drinks: Phosphorous and Magnesium are wanted for calcium absorption; but when they’re taken in extra, then calcium is sucked out of the physique & can’t be absorbed successfully. The typical teenage weight-reduction plan (mushy drinks, burgers, goodies, chips) comprises too little calcium and an excessive amount of phosphorous & this will likely end in weaker bones. Soft drinks aside from being wealthy in sugar and caffeine additionally include phosphoric acid as a preservative, which is implicated in bone loss. The motive is that calcium maintains a fragile stability with phosphorous (ratio ought to be 2:1). When phosphorous ranges enhance as in mushy drinks, extreme animal meals calcium will probably be excreted.
  2. Animal protein: Excessive consumption of animal protein causes urinary lack of calcium. Therefore in case you are a non-vegetarian, attempt to scale back your non-vegetarian consumption to 2-Three instances per week solely.
  3. Caffeine in tea, cocoa, goodies and low will increase calcium excretion. About one or two cups of espresso a day seem like protected, past that it’s possible you’ll get calcium wealthy urine!
  4. Smoking & chewing tobacco additionally rob the physique of its calcium shops as nicotine impacts absorption of calcium.
  5. Excess salt & sugar consumption boosts calcium excretion.
  6. Drugs: Overuse of antacids, corticosteroids, anticoagulant (medicines for thinning blood), drugs for thyroid problems additionally lower calcium absorption. Ofcourse, when you’ve got a medical situation that requires you to take them, go forward and achieve this, however keep in mind to complement with calcium to keep away from bone loss.
  7. An individual with a small body & much less muscle mass additionally tends to retailer much less calcium.
  8. A sedentary way of life robs your physique of its calcium shops. When you start any bodily exercise like strolling, working, jogging it lets you forestall bone loss.


Given under is a straightforward to make calcium wealthy recipe. It makes two servicing and offers roughly 400gms of calcium per servicing which is half of your every day requirement. For those that don’t drink milk or dairy merchandise this recipe might proof to be useful.


Green Bhaji

Make 2 servings


2 ½ Cups Spinach Chopped

¾ Cups Methi Leaves Chopped

½ Cup Chana Dal

½ Cup Paneer

2 Onions Chopped

2 Tomatoes Chopped

1 Teaspoon Garlic paste

2 Green Chillies

½ Teaspoon Red chilli powder (non-compulsory)

½ Teaspoon Haldi

2 Tablespoon Oil

Salt to Taste


Lightly fry the onions till gentle brown. Add garlic paste & inexperienced chillies. Now add the soaked chana dal & tomatoes till mushy. Now add the spinach & methi leaves, salt, haldi & a pinch of pink chilli powder and a few water & stress prepare dinner for 10 minutes.

Now combine the inexperienced bhaji collectively till it seems to be like a wholesome mix. Serve scorching, garnished with contemporary chopped paneer.

The greatest method to forestall calcium deficiency associated issues is to start out rising the disposition of calcium within the bones early in life by getting sufficient of it in your meals, and in addition as dietary supplements & by exercising often for at the least 30 minutes for 6 days in per week.

(As printed in Hindustan Times dated October 07, 2019)


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