i started on this weight loss journey 6 months ago

I started this weight loss journey on July 2nd 2018 at the time i was Pre diabetic 350 pounds and scared as hell that i wont live to my 50s I saw family members who were older sicker and hospitalized it made me realize that if i don't change now i will end up like them in 10-20 years and i didn't want that so i slowly changed i first stopped drinking soda after weeks of that i got myfitnesspal and started calorie counting every day i am on a 174 day streak atm then i started walking every day in the summer i walk my full boardwalk near my house it's about 4 miles every day once a day i started slowly noticing that i no longer was breathing heavy by just walking after a few weeks i was able to walk 4 miles and a fast paced and now i do it with no issue my food choice changed dramatically i eat salad every single say now and i only eat lean protein like chicken and fish i stopped eating red meat and drinking fully i consume way less carbs as well the food was way easier than i thought it would be and i have kept it up for 174 days i now see why its good to stay fit i feel amazing every day all my friends are so supportive and see that i work so hard for this they all are telling me dont let anything get in the way of your goals here is my progress picture from day 1 till now 60 pounds later and i have never been this happy for a long time

https://imgur.com/a/QfyCfXn progress picture the first picture i am in a 4x tee shirt in the bottom picture 1x over watch league jersey

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