10 Pack Round Detox Foot Bath Array Ionic Spa Cleanse Aqua Cell Stainless Steel (10)



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Refill array for most ion cleanse detox foot spas. You can feel the difference using these ion arrays. These detox arrays are durable between around 30-50 uses each, depending on care. For use with foot spa machines/foot bath detox equipment. Standard size, compatible with most Ionic machines. Choose your quantity above. Some features of using an ion cleanse detox foot spa: 1. Foot spas are an external detoxification method, which remove toxins through the feet. 2. The body detoxifies while your feet are placed in a container with warm water and you remain comfortably seated. 3. Ion infiltration benefits include strengthening cell activity, improving metabolism and also helps with detoxification of the liver, reform dropsy, rheumatism and arthritis. 4. Promotes blood circulation and metabolism. 5. Dissolves fat expels through toxins and increases your immune system. 6. Stimulates brain cells, which helps with pressure, alleviates fatigue and increases better sleep

Durable lasts between 30-50 uses each.1 array can last up to 30-50 uses
Standard size and are compatible with most ionic foot bath machines.
Low maintenance, just spray with water and brush.
Stainless Steel for superior performance