100 Weight Loss Bowls: Build your own calorie-controlled diet plan



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You can lose weight-one bowl at a time.

Putting all the food for a meal into one bowl might sound like an odd way to lose weight. But this method creates portion control while also contributing to a balanced diet. Every recipe in this book has a label to denote whether it's under 300, 400, or 600 calories. Many recipes also have flags to signify whether they're dairy free, gluten free, or vegan, helping you ensure you're not going to eat anything that might cause concern.

100 Weight Loss Bowls includes these features:
100 delicious recipes for breakfast, brunch, portable meals, quick meals, and comfort food
Different kinds of bowls, including pho, grain, smoothie, rice, poke, acai, and Buddha
Expert advice on how to build meal plans to help you meet your weight loss goals

Because 100 Weight Loss Bowls contains a variety of recipes-such as fruit and oatmeal, fish and rice, and noodles and vegetables as well as recipes inspired by international cuisine-you might never need to eat from a plate again!