120 MCT Keto Electrolytes Pills | 150 mg Magnesium Probiotics Co Q 10 | Potassium Sodium Chloride Calcium Zinc & D3 Vitamin | Premium Grade Salt Supplement Designed for Low Carbs & Keto Diets



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Product Description

120 pills or capsules – Youth & Tonic KETO Electrolyte Supplement Pills | With MCT, Probiotics, Co Q 10 | High in Magnesium – 150 mg | NO rice flour

Keto electrolyte supplement pills or capsulesKeto electrolyte supplement pills or capsules

Natural, non-GMO and gluten free, produced in an inspected & approved facility that follows all GMP standards

An inspected and approved facility with all GMP certifications gives you the ethical traceability of ingredients from sourcing to testing and blending to encapsulation, being true to label, with the right potency

PREMIUM GRADE keto vitamins “ON THE GO”. If you already use a powder you know it can make a bit of a mess and it’s not the easiest to take on the go. Take these ketosis pills with you in the car, to the office, or while traveling. As efficient as powders or drops but without the fake medicine taste, chalky aftertaste, undissolved deposits leaving grit in the bottom of the water bottle, sugars or artificial sweeteners which might shoot your blood sugar up or worse, dropping your ketones level

PERFECT RATIO electrolyte balance | KETO DIET PILLS specially designed for Keto with the highest concentration of keto SALTS electrolyte


When you switch to the ketogenic diet your body will naturally flush water when you cut out carbs which in turn flushes electrolytes

This will create an essential mineral imbalance with common symptoms of Keto Flu, including leg cramps, dehydration, increased heart rate, lack of energy, brain fog or keto rush | Our keto electrolyte is perfectly formulated to replenish vital minerals and to help your body get through | NO sugar | NO bad taste & aftertaste

Our Keto supplement is better. Why?

3-5 times more Magnesium

MCT POWDER to sustain ketosis

Patented DE 111 Probiotic – multiple clinical human studies show an improved digestion of fats and a better regularity in KETO & LOW CARB diets

Co Q 10 – Ubiquinone – a major part of the body’s mechanism for producing energy

training supporttraining support

PREMIUM GRADE keto vitamins | Muscle cramps relief & faster recovery

“ON THE GO” | As efficient as powders or drops but more convenient to use!

Get MORE active KETO electrolytes in each serving | Calcium + Vitamin D, Phosphorus, Sodium, Zinc in addition

Magnesium oxide and B-6 B6 vitamin

Magnesium oxide and B-6 B6 vitamin



Chromium and Manganese

Chromium and Manganese

Chloride as potassium and sodium chloride

Chloride as potassium and sodium chloride

150 mg of Magnesium + B-6 Vit for a better absorption | Muscles, Bones, Nerves support & Regularity

Essential as calcium for bone health & density, as 50% of the body’s total amount of magnesium is stored in bones.
For normal heart rhythm, proper nerves function, preventing irritability and difficulty in sleeping

99 mg of Potassium Potassium | Regulates the heartbeat and ensures proper function of the muscle and nerves

No pill or capsule should contain a larger quantity of potassium than 99 mg as it might be harmful without dilution prior to ingestion according to the FDA requirements.

50 mcg Chromium & 700 mcg Manganese | Keto blood sugar support

Balance blood sugar levels that fluctuate during the process of ketogenesis

574 mg of Chloride (as Sodium & Potassium Chloride) | Maintain blood pressure and hydration

Maintain blood pressure and hydration
Maintain resting energy
Nutrient absorption and transportation

no brain fogno brain fog

Replenish electrolytes to fight the body’s response to carb withdrawal

No brain fog on Keto | Drink plenty of water and increase salt intake, while avoiding too much strenuous exercise

Keto supplementKeto supplement

Youth & Tonic encourages each person to have a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet

Take most of the nutrients, minerals and vitamins from the food that you eat and use dietary supplements only incrementally to complete what is missing in certain moments

Our supplement is formulated to provide a wide range of minerals and vitamins rather than focusing on fewer ones and supplying daily large doses that you should normally absorb from food

Food containing electrolytes

Avocado, swiss chard, spinach or broccoli are high in Potassium

Kale, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and nuts are Magnesium-Rich Foods

Sardines with bones and salmon with bones are excellent sources of Calcium

Use Pink Himalayan Salt for Sodium intake

Sometimes a personal objective could be approached from multiple angles | Check out for our promotions to get more value for your money!

Diuretics mineral electrolytes

Diuretics mineral electrolytes

Magnesium oxide citrate and Complete Electrolytes

Magnesium oxide citrate and Complete Electrolytes

Complete electrolytes pills high absorption

Complete electrolytes pills high absorption

2pack Water Pills Electrolytes | Flush out excessive fluids from the tissues without depleting the body of the essential minerals and electrolytes

Get the waistline and slender body with Water Pills that flush out excessive fluids
Mineral Intake keto friendly capsules replenish vital electrolytes & vitamins lost during the process

Stock and Save with this value 2pk! | High Absorption Magnesium Complex + Electrolytes Pills

In case you need a higher dose of magnesium together with your Electrolyte pills

Stock and Save ! If you need an additional bottle of 100 Keto Friendly Electrolytes pills

Get MORE active electrolytes KETO in each serving | More MAGNESIUM and B6 Vitamin – our formula has 150mg of Magnesium, 50%-150% more than a standard electrolyte supplement
Maximum legally permitted POTASSIUM (99 mg) according to industry guidelines for any capsule or coated tablet of potassium salt intended for oral ingestion without prior dilution, 315 Mg of SODIUM & 574 mg of CHLORIDE | PHOSPHORUS and CALCIUM
CHROMIUM and MANGANESE to balance blood sugar levels that fluctuate during the process of Ketogenesis and a proper metabolism | ZINC and D3 Vitamins
Money Back Guarantee for lifetime no question asked. Contact us directly via the “Your Orders” section on your Amazon account | Made in USA in an approved facility that follows all GMP standards | Tested for heavy metals, microbiology, disintegration | Drink plenty of water, get regular exercise and test on a regular basis your ketones and glucose