2021 HEART HEALTHY DIET COOKBOOK: Delicious recipes for healthy heart, meal prep, balanced nutrition, useful tips + nutritional information



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To maintain a low-sodium diet, you need a heart healthy cookbook with recipes that are simple, quick, and convenient to fit into your everyday.Enjoy delicious foods while following a cardiac-conscious diet. This Heart-Healthy Cookbook features numerous heart-healthy recipes that are tasty, easy to make, and will help manage your blood pressure and cholesterol.Learn more about:✓The basic rules of heart-healthy eating:✓Nutrient✓Meal prep✓Eat healthy on the go✓Food supplements✓Numerous recipes✓And much more. Let yourself be surprised.The recipes in these book include meal prep recipes, quick recipes for the evening, snacks and are particularly varied.This invaluable, one-stop-shopping resource—including updated heart-health information, strategies and tips for meal planning, shopping, and cooking healthfully.