BalanceDietâ„¢ | Protein Bar | 15g of Protein | Low Carb | 7 Bar Box (Fluffy Vanilla Crisp)




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This crispy, low-carb bar is coated in vanilla frosting and boasts 15 grams of protein with only 5 grams of net carbs.

Enjoy between meals or as a dessert snack after lunch or dinner.

BalanceDiet features some of the greatest tasting protein bars you have ever found, we guarantee it!

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all of our products.


1. Open
2. Eat mindfully
3. Enjoy

Pro Tip: A higher metabolism helps you burn fat throughout the day. Eating more frequent, smaller meals or snacks is widely favored by health professionals to maintain a high metabolism, and also help reduce the fatigue and side effects which occur when we skip a meal.

SNACK ON THE GO: A perfect anytime snack for the busy traveler! Formulated to provide a balanced blend of slow and fast acting proteins, these scrumptious bars deliver long-lasting relief from an empty stomach!
A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST: BalanceDiet signature nutritional products use the highest available quality raw ingredients! Manufactured under exacting processes, and assessed for quality, our products are backed by extensive research for over 25 years!
NUTRIENT PACKED: Enjoy 7 bars of 15g top quality protein, 12g of fiber, and 0g trans fats, all for only 160 calories! Easily meet your macros on the go, and in between meals.
GET RESULTS: Protein helps build muscle, strength, and athletic performance in a variety of sports! A diet high in protein as well as complex carbohydrates can help ensure that you will be ready to perform, at a moment’s notice.