BariatricPal Protein Crisps – Strawberry Cream (1 Bag)




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Sticking to your weight loss diet has never been easier because now you can satisfy your cravings while losing weight. BariatricPal Protein Crisps – Strawberry Cream deliver the crunch you crave in a low-carb, low-sodium form. Each serving has only 5 grams of carbohydrates and 25 milligrams of sodium while giving you 16 grams of protein to keep away hunger until your next meal or snack. Who cares that nobody can eat just one? The whole bag has only 120 calories! BariatricPal Protein Crisps – Strawberry Cream taste like sweet cream and ripe strawberries. Made with real strawberry powder, sea salt, and organic tapioca syrup, they are ready to eat for a snack or with a meal. Have them on their own, or try mixing them into cottage cheese or yogurt, or using them to top a fruit salad.

Very low in sodium
Free from artificial sweeteners
20% of the daily value for calcium. High-quality protein from milk protein isolate
Suitable for bariatric surgery, low-carb, and other weight loss diets