BELAMUR Detox Foot Patches 30 Pack Feet Pads Weight Loss Foot Pain Relief Blood Circulation Booster Detoxifying Slimming Patches Anti-Stress & Sleeping Mask




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This pack includes 30 premium foot pads. Organic formula, 100% natural ingredients in this foot pads relieve pain and tension, promote deeper sleeping. Non-GMO formula for a safe and relaxing experience.

RELAXATION BENEFITS – Relaxing the muscle and tendons, promote sleep Increase energy level. Improve metabolism, cleansing the body
EASY TO USE – Clean your feet thoroughly and dry. Place the printed side of foot pad to the center of adhesive sheet. Stick foot pads onto the arch of your feet
STAYS ON ALL NIGHT: Belamur premium formula smoothly attaches to the sole of your foot so the pad stays on all night long
SET THE MOOD & REST – The health benefits of our natural foot patch formula may include: improved sleep, stress relief, soothing aches and pains, increased energy, foot pain relief, enhanced mental function, removing impurities and toxins, relieving fatigue, promote wellness, rejuvenate your skin, cleansing body, and enhanced your immune system