Benvo Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope Crossfit Speed Rope for Double Unders, Exercise, WOD, Boxing, MMA Training Fitness- Updated Version



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New Concept- Benvo Ropeless Jump Rope

No more worries about all the rope issues which would always exist on the traditional jump rope like: disruption and issues on the length and rope! This one is cordless and is designed for Less Worries and More Fun.

Handle length: 6.3 inch
Handle diameter: 1.4 inch
Handle material: PP, Elastic sponge

The handles which are made of elastic sponge will fit your hands better, industrial-grade smoothed steel tips and ball bearing turn make the rope spin much smoother and faster.

Each handle contains a removable weight, and also the rope can be desired within minutes, it’s easy and convenient for anyone to set up a more suitable experience for their own.

Because of the ropeless, this jump rope won’t kink and fits all height of people, what’s more, it’s easy to carry and you can do your rope jumping not subject to space constraints.

This jump rope is easier to be controlled and suitable for people of all ages and both sexes, no matter beginners or masters.

Rope jumping improves cardiovascular health as it improves the heart beat rate, thus it is beneficial for blood pressure patients. It’s also known to help in improving bone density. Rope jumping is one of the best cardio and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout.

If there is an issue with your product for any reason, please feel free to contact us and we will fix your problems within 24 hours.

So order now & when you do why not get two… one for you & one for your very best friend or your WOD partner.

TANGLE FREE- Cordless skipping rope, worry free about hitting your legs or tripping over the ropes. Keep you away from pain and disrupted while working out. Perfect jump rope for exercising in tight spaces or outside.
SUITABLE FOR ANYONE- Jump rope Suitable for all ages and all level jumpers. It is never too short or too long for anyone, height limitless.
WEIGHTED HANDLES- Each handle contains a removable 3 oz. weight, total weight of 0.68 lbs, heavy enough to make your workout feel like you are using the real deal. Industrial-grade smoothed steel tips make the jump rope spin much faster.
COMFORTABLE PADDED GRIPS- The grips are soft and quite comfortable even for long-time holding. Balls on the end of the short line help you know if you’re synchronizing the hand movements properly.
STURDY & EFFECTIVE- Assist you to burn fat, lost weight; build body and keep healthy anywhere. It’s portable and lightweight, so easy to fit the gym bag. Comes with one year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.