Biogen Health Science T5 Raspberry Ketone Serum: Powerful T5 Fat Burners & Raspberry Ketones Blend. Fast Acting Diet & Detox Pills Alt (1 Month Supply)



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Product Description


Raspberry Ketone is fast becoming known as one of the most effective fat burning and detox products out there. With T5 Raspberry Ketone never before has such a powerful blend been available, containing not only raspberry ketone as the main ingredient, but also a concentrated blend of the award winning T5 fat burning formula – this powerful blend produces a synergistic super enhanced effect, making raspberry ketone and T5 fat burners the perfect dual partners for an exciting new fat burning formula to boost extreme fat loss and Detox.



The T5 Raspberry Ketone Serum will enhance overall health and promote effective fat burning capabilities. The specially selected natural amino acid polypeptides have exceptional properties which are proven to increase the production of Adiponectin, which is an essential weight loss hormone. Adiponectin enhances your muscles ability to use carbohydrates for energy while stimulating and enhancing metabolic rate.

T5 Raspberry Ketone Serum is also proven to stimulate thermogenesis which slightly increases heart rate and other bodily functions in turn triggering the release of glucose and fatty acids from energy stores which can cause a slight rise in body temperature, all of which are beneficial for promoting extreme fat loss. It also comes in a highly advanced sublingual serum form for faster absorption, meaning you can experience the benefits much quicker!

T5 Raspberry Ketone serum consists of a dual powered, exceptionally effective fat loss formula. Containing all the powerful weight loss and Detox benefits of Raspberry Ketone, as well as a supercharged fat burning boost with a concentrated blend of the award winning T5 fat burning formula. This powerful blend makes for the ideal fat burning and weight loss formula to boost extreme fat burning capabilities, weight loss and Detox.

Increase your metabolic rate  Stimulate thermogenesis  Increase overall energy levels  Whole body detoxification  Clinically proven results 


Maximum Strength 

Biogen’s premium quality formulation contains 100% PURE and quality graded Raspberry Ketone Extract far exceeding the dosage proven effective in clinical studies.

Each 1ml of serum has the absolute maximum potency conecentration allowed for consumption under dietary supplement laws. 


Side Effect Free

We take every precaution necessary to ensure that these products are 100% safe & herbal in nature. Every bottle is manufactured in the UK in an MHRA licensed, GMP certified and ISO accredited facility for your complete safety.

Rest assured that we would never consider manufacturing an item that did not fully meet these requirements.

Directions For Use
For optimal results remove the supplied dosing pipette. Draw 1ml of serum into the pipette and squirt under tongue. Allow to absorb for 5 seconds before swallowing. This is one dose, to be taken once per day for the entire duration of the course.

This is an extremely potent product and should always be used responsibly.

Proven to Stimulate Thermogenesis giving the same effect as exercise-induced thermogenesis by burning fat cells to warm up the muscles
Natural energy boost as a direct result of more carbohydrates being burnt for ‘fuel’, allowing you to train harder, burn fat faster and get in the best shape of your life
Maximises weight loss by stimulating, enhancing and regulating metabolic function, allowing your body to remain in fat burning mode for longer periods of time
High antioxidant activity, providing the whole body antioxidant support – by alleviating oxidative stress and delivering detox enhancing qualities