BPI Sports Health CLA + Coconut Oil + Aminos, Non Stimulant Fat Loss Supplement Powder, Boost Weight Loss, Maintain Lean Muscle, Fruit Punch, 40 Servings, 11.28 Ounce



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FAT LOSS AND OVERALL WELL-BEING SUPPORT WHAT IS CLA + COCONUT OIL + AMINOS? CLA + Coconut Oil + Aminos is a 3-in-1 non-stim fat loss formula for those looking to lose weight and build lean muscle. With the powerful combination of CLA and Coconut Oil, you can turn your body into a fat burning machine by literally burning stored body fat for fuel! These healthy fats not only help you reduce body fat, but they can also help support cardiovascular health, endurance and metabolism. Essential amino acids (EAAs) have been added to help you preserve lean muscle mass while you diet and to increase recovery so that you can continue to perform at your best, day in and day out. WHY IS IT BETTER? CLA + Coconut Oil + Aminos is a combination of clinically studied ingredients that work synergistically to help you lose fat fast. CLA has been shown in numerous studies to help burn stored body fat for fuel, while coconut oil can help your metabolism by providing an instant fuel source for your body and brain. Coconut oil can play an even bigger role in overall health by helping to support cardiovascular health and cognitive function. CLA + Coconut Oil + Aminos is finished off with a blend of essential amino acids (EAAs). EAAs can help with lean muscle building and provide extra cellular energy for workouts, but they play an even more important role in preventing muscle breakdown while trying to lose weight. They will also help your body and muscles recover quicker after tough workouts. This product offers you the all-around, fat loss and muscle building combo!

Reduce Body Fat – CLA has been shown in numerous studies to help burn stored body fat for fuel, while the fats in coconut oil can help keep you feeling full, even in caloric deficit.