Caffeine with L-Theanine for Energy & Focus – Smooth & Clean Focused Energy – Premium Cognitive Stack with Yerba Mate for Performance – No Crash, No Jitters – Vegan Capsules



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★ SMOOTH & CLEAN BOOST, JITTER-FREE – Focused Energy delivers a clean flow of energy that tapers off slowly to prevent crash and fatigue. When used together, L-Theanine and caffeine create synergistic benefits which amplify and refine the effects that each other produces on its own. With Focused Energy, you’ll enjoy a convenient and lasting energy boost without the trade-offs.
★ AMP UP YOUR ENERGY & FOCUS – Looking for something to quickly ramp up your mental and physical performance? Focused Energy provides you with natural brain boosters that help you stay sharp and engaged throughout the day. Take your performance to the next level and elevate your day with three of earth’s most trusted and reliable focus and energy enhancing nutrients.
★ THE CLEAN ALTERNATIVE – So many of us turn to coffee when we need a boost. The challenge is that most coffee is brimming with sweeteners and comes with its own set of drawbacks. That’s where we do things differently – Unlike coffee, which can cause jitters, hyperactivity, and an inevitable crash, Focused Energy is balanced and smooth, delivering a clean flow of focused energy any time you need it. Elevate your performance to new heights – without the hitches that come with a cup of joe.
★ NATURE’S ENERGY TRIFECTA – Our journey to bring you a premium clean energy solution led us to 3 of earth’s best focus and energy enhancing nutrients. From the depths of the South American rain forests to the peaks of the East Asian mountains, Focused Energy integrates Natural Caffeine from coffee beans, L-Theanine from green tea leaves, and Yerba Mate leaves to help you reach new heights and give you the mental and physical boost you need, whenever you need it.