Carmien Rooibos Red Tea Teatox Detox Kit, Energize, Refresh and Cleanse, 60 Count



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Product Description


Carmién Teatox Cleanse and Detox Drinks Pack

Refreshing Rooibos tea is packed full of natural anti-oxidants, and is known around the world for its wide ranging possible health benefits, including easing digestion.Carmién Tea have created a range of 3 detox drinks to support a body detox and cleanse for health or weight loss. Teas in the variety pack blend the highest quality Rooibos tea with other natural ingredients known for their possible detox cleanse properties to support your body’s natural detoxification, or as part of a weight loss plan.

With 3 delicious varieties of healthy teas, each in a box of convenient tagless tea bags, we have created detox teas to support you throughout the day as part of a detox cleanse, from morning to night, and we recommend enjoying our Rooibos detox drinks with no added milk, sugar or honey. Enjoy the distinctive and well balanced flavor and deep, full aromas of each of our Energise, Refresh and Cleanse detox teas.


Energise your day, Cleanse overnight

Enjoy Carmién Energise detox tea in the morning for a natural shot of goodness, with its perfect blend of guarana, hoodia, buchu, Rooibos and forest berries. Assisting the metabolism to support weight loss, the detox drink may also reduce fatigue and help suppress appetite.

In the evening, enjoy Carmién Cleanse detox drink to cleanse the digestive tract. A green Rooibos, Lemongrass, Ginger, Mint and Senna tea, which can act as a mild natural laxative for weight loss and detoxing, the tea can also reduce bloating (great for those seeking a flat tummy).


Detox cleanse support throughout the day

Refreshing before and after meals to support weight loss, Carmién Refresh detox tea contains the finest green honeybush, Rooibos and mint which helps with digestion and detox cleanses. The detox drink’s unfermented leaves have higher levels of anti-oxidants to help your body detox and cleanse, and it contains zero calories making it an ideal weight loss drink.

A great companion to our Teatox Energise and Cleanse detox teas, for an extra special cup of tea, combine this detox drink with Carmién Delight.

Premium quality products, direct from the farm to your cup







Accreditation and Certification: The entire process from growing the product in the fields to developing the best taste and flavour are all controlled by strict processes and measures. In order to keep a consistent quality and best flavour we adhere to 9 international certifications and get audited by all of these certification bodies on a regular basis.

Direct From South Africa: Carmién Tea’s story started in 1998 in an old farm shop on the historic Brakfontein Estate near the small town of Citrusdal. Located on the foothills of the Western Cape’s splendid Cederberg Mountains, the farm falls within the Greater Cederberg Biodiversity Corridor. The head office of Carmién is still situated in the Brakfontein Estate which is a two hour drive from Cape Town.

Growing Goodness: Carmién Tea secures the highest quality organic and conventional Rooibos from prime growing areas. The Carmién Rooibos range is produced on Fairtrade principles, and offers superior quality products at competitive prices, direct from the farm, whilst ensuring total food traceability in the food chain.