Colon Detox Plus | Natural 15 Day Detox Course, Supporting a Healthy Digestive System and Movements. 60 Capsules




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With its carefully chosen list of high-grade active ingredients, Colon Detox Plus is the premium course of action to support your body as it innately clears out your bowels and colon. Think of detoxing as spring-cleaning your digestive system of cobwebs, toxins and unwanted loiterers. After a while these start to appear again, so future detoxing is required.

Colon Detox Plus should be taken for only 15 days at a time (one detox). However, it is highly recommended that you repeat the detox every two months for lasting results.

Toxins not only affect the digestive system, but they may also have an impact on your mental function. Some neurotransmitters are produced by good bacteria in the gut. By cleansing the digestive system the good bacteria naturally take back their roles in your body’s biome. Give it a try today!DIGESTIVE SYSTEM CLEANSE: Colon Detox Plus is a 15-day detoxifying course designed specifically to help support a healthy digestive system pass toxins and buildup. Colon Detox Plus has a gentle formulation containing natural ingredients that help to promote healthy gut flora.
SUPPORTS YOUR MOVEMENTS AND DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Colon Detox Plus works by kick-starting your detox naturally and assisting smooth bowel movements. It supports your body’s natural process of cleansing toxins and other hidden nasties from your system, flushing bad bacteria that start to pile up and restrict the absorption of vitamins and minerals. A healthy digestive system is important to general health, and it always helps to feel good inside.
NATURAL, SCIENCE BACKED INGREDIENTS: Including Psyllium Husk for nutritional fibre, Lactobacilus acidophilus probiotic bacteria for gut health, Rhubarb for comfort support, Gentian as an antioxidant, Aloe Vera for stool consistency, Cascara Sagrada for gastronomic assistance, Alder Buckthorn for healthy movements, Alfalfa for general body nourishment, Oat seed for dietary roughage, Calcium Carbonate for settling and Bentonite for moisture absorbance.
QUALITY ASSURED: Colon Detox Plus is made right here in the US. It’s manufactured in an FDA registered plant, and the whole facility follows Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines. We’re really proud of our standards and testing regimen.
THE 15 DAY PROGRAM TO SUPPORT THE BODY’S INBUILT CLEANING PROCESS: Try it today and feel the benefits of a digestive tract spring-clean.