Diet Detox: 30 Day Devotional to Ditching Diets and Claiming Christ’s Love (Devotionals)




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It’s time to lay down your diet shakes, cleanses and detoxes. Just lay them right on down…at the foot of the cross. Whatever you’re counting – calories, grams, points, steps, macros – you have our permission to stop, quit striving, rest, and re-evaluate. This little devotional was written by a team of folks – married, single, stay-at-home parents, working parents, health care professionals, but most importantly children of God. We all care about the same thing – helping others heal in their relationship with food and fully embrace their unique bodies, which were meant to be different shapes and sizes. We believe that every body is a good body!Our hope for you is that through this daily devotional, you will find the courage to stop stressing about food and start putting it back into its place as just one minor piece of your life. We pray for complete healing from struggles surrounding food, exercise and body image. Jesus came so that peace and love would reign over war and hate. As a culture, we are at war with our bodies. We declare body peace to reign over body hate.