Dirty Cleanse Lemon Detox with Volcanic Charcoal with Ginger and Dandelion Extract, 4 servings

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Your digestive system provides the energy your body needs to be at its best. Dirty Cleanse Lemon Detox Volcanic Charcoal helps rid your system of the unwanted substances that could be interfering with its efficient process. Dirty Clean Lemon Detox contains all-natural ingredients that aid in digestion and detoxification. Activated charcoal is a fine powder made from natural materials such as coal, wood or coconut shells. The particles are heated in an airless environment with acid and steam, becoming “activated.” This activated charcoal then attaches to toxins and other unnecessary particles in your digestive tract, absorbing thousands of times its own volume. Activated charcoal is not absorbed by the body, so the toxins are flushed away as it leaves your system. The formula also contains real lemon, organic ginger, and dandelion root to improve natural digestive function. An efficient digestive system can result in increased energy and improved weight management. Dirty Cleanse Lemon Detox Volcanic Charcoal is your first step to feeling great inside and out.

Contains activated organic, volcanic charcoal that attaches to unwanted substances
Includes real lemon, organic ginger and dandelion root to aid in digestion
Helps rid body of toxins and other harmful particles in digestive tract
Lemon flavor