[Dr. MOON] Lemon & CALAMANSI D-TOC Diet Water Mix (5g x 14 Packets) – A Healthy Diet, Detoxify & Refresh Your Body, Calamansi, Lemon, Green Tea, Chicory Root Extracts, Vitamin C



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– What are the good ingredients contained in Dr. MOON LEMON & CALAMANSI D-TOC DIET WATER MIX ? –

A Natural Source of Vitamin C – Contains Lemon & Calamansi extract can help eliminate toxins from the body, as well as fat.

A Low-Calorie Drink Mix – It is a low-calorie diet drink mix flavors with naturally derived ingredients and deliciousness.

Take freshness wherever you go – Need only one packet for your nutritional drink on the go.

– Who is this recommended for? –
✔ Customers who want easy & quick diet.
✔ Customers who wish to get their body light, balanced & refreshed.
✔ Customers who want fresh, healthy, nutritional drink instead of coffee.
✔ Customers who is concerned about irregular diet.
✔ Customers who frequently enjoys snacks and wheat foods (bread, noodles, etc).
✔ Customer who likes easy, convenient diet.

AIDS IN WEIGHT LOSS – Calamansi juice is a refreshing, healthy and low-calorie drink. Regular consumption of calamansi juice can aid in weight loss. Calamansi is packed with ascorbic acid or vitamin C.
PROMOTES WEIGHT LOSS – Chicory root is a good source of oligofructose, and inulin itself is a form of natural dietary fiber, which helps in the management of weight by promoting weight loss.
REVITALIZE YOUR ENERGY – This packet is a perfect pick-me-up for bringing you more energy. The anti-oxidants from Calamansi & Lemon reduce your toxins with a revitalizing flavor.
PROUDLY PRODUCED AT GMP CERTIFIED FACILITIES – Our Dr. MOON LEMON & CALAMANSI DETOX DIET WATER MIX is manufactured in a GMP certified facility in KOREA, which ensures the facility and the entire production process from raw materials to QC, comply with their comprehensive and strict GMP standards.