Dr Sebi: The Complete Dr Sebi Detox Program to Become Mucus Free with 300+ Effortless Alkaline & Cell Food Recipes On a Budget. Jumpstart Your Well-Being Transformation Now



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Considering to start Dr Sebi’s Alkaline Diet? Did you waste money and time on strange “miraculous” medicines that in the end were ineffective? Just stick around and let me explain what is the science behind Dr Sebi’s method!

The truth behind “Dr Sebi’s Protocol” is… to eradicate mucus frоm thе bоdу, whісh is bеѕt achieved thrоugh аlkаlіnе fооdѕ.

You may be wondering how Dr. Sebi’s diet differs from other diets that involve the consumption of vegan or vegetarian based foods?

As you know, many diets just say to eat or ban the consumption of a specific food without a rule or some kind of logic. The "Dr Sebi’s Protocol", on the other hand, is a real "nutritional guide" to achive physical and mental well-being. It is much more than just a diet – It’s a lifestyle!

Just to be honest with you, it will not be enough for you to do a simple "Google search" and follow the recipes posted on the various blogs or websites. There is a lot of misinformation on the web and, even worse, you could risk to end on scammer sites that offer you to purchase "miracle drugs" or "medical herbs" by passing them off as "products recommended by Dr Sebi" that treat diseases for which nowadays there is no cure.

So, I have condensed all my experiences and years of studies in this Complete Bundle that will allow you to benefit from all the secret techniques of Dr Sebi!

2 books in 1

  • Dr Sebi Diet: Over 200 Effortless Dr Sebi Alkaline Recipes On a Budget To Kickstart Your Wellness in No Time at All Simply By Following 7 Secret Rules. Bonus: 1-Week Detox Program
  • Dr. Sebi Cure for Herpes: The 7 Most Effective Medical Herbs On How To Cure Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) Naturally In Less Than 5 Days And Prevent Relapse. Includes Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet Plan

Book 1: Dr Sebi Diet

In this book you are ready to discover:

  • The fastest and most innovative way to cook 200+ meals approved by Dr Sebi himself. Inside the book you will also find a 7-day food plan to make your job even easier to follow.
  • Which foods are recommended by Dr Sebi and which ones are absolutely forbidden. You will find a detailed nutritional guide that I have developed in my course of study.
  • What are the benefits that you can enjoy simply by following my "7 secret rules".
  • A wide variety of teas that will aid your daily health issues like: respiratory support teas, pregnancy teas, energizing teas, stomach soothing teas, teething teas, stress teas, pregnancy-safe headache tea, and much more.
  • Which medical herbs you can use to reduce or dissolve fibroids and eliminate the high protein content from urine.

Book 2: Dr Sebi Cure for Herpes

In this book you are ready to discover:

  • How to recognize first symptoms of herpes and what are the best precautions to prevent the virus from relaps.
  • The step-by-step process to naturally treat all types of herpes even if you have specific intolerances. I will show you an innovative autopilot system to take all the natural products recommended by Dr. Sebi and in which quantities you have to take them.
  • The 7 most powerful medical herbs to cure herpes in less than 5 days without spending a fortune in strange medicines.
  • Which are the best alkaline foods to eat to prevent the virus from appearing and spreading.
  • The Dr. Sebi top supplements that you can use to eradicate the herpes simplex virus from your body and become an “herpes-free person”!

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