Dukan Diet Expert Oat Biscuits with Chocolate Coating, 200gr (4x50gr)



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Dukan Expert Oat Biscuits with a chocolate coating are a crunchy treat with all the nutritional value of oats. Individual packs of three biscuits allow you to take it with you everywhere to have a moment of pleasure when you want it! SUGARLESS! They offer unique beneficial properties and combat the sense of hunger. Rich in fiber & trace elements Only 74 calories per biscuit Packing: 4 sachets x 3 cookies for enjoyment at any time How does oat work? During the digestion, oats are mixed with other foods and the fibers soak up the water so they create a gel that fills the stomach and creates a sense of satiety. It is often used in all diets for weight loss and low cholesterol. The great advantage of Dukan oat biscuits is their unique flavor. The key to success in a protein and vegetable diet is to reward yourself for good effort. This gives you the Dukan cookies, it pleases you and compensates for your hard work and persistence! Use It is recommended to consume a glass of water after each oat snack for a faster saturation. Consume it as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Storage: Keep it cool and dry. Product of France. Suitable for diabetics, children and athletes.