EAA Surge Premium EAA Supplement – 9 Essential Amino Acids Intra Workout Powder Supplement w/L-Citrulline, Taurine, and More for Muscle Building, Strength, Pumps, Endurance, Recovery – Pineapple, 20sv



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EAA SURGE is a revolutionary intraworkout/essential amino acid (EAA) supplement that is ideal for anyone from elite athletes to casual gym-goers who want to maximize their recovery, muscle growth, and performance. This vegan, fermented EAA powder features clinically proven Amino9, a precise ratio of all 9 EAAs, L-Taurine, and Coconut Water Powder to unleash skin-tearing muscle pumps, intense strength gains, and lasting endurance while you crush your workout. Best of all, you’ll love the refreshing and delicious flavor of EAA SURGE, whether it’s during a tough training session or any time of the day you want to amplify muscle growth and recovery.


SUPPORT MUSCLE GROWTH, RECOVERY, & ENDURANCE. EAA SURGE feeds your muscles with the most crucial building blocks of muscle tissue: essential amino acids. Having all 9 EAAs available (in the proper ratio) is what sets the stage for h, recovery, and endurance. In contrast to protein powder and many amino acid powders, the Amino9 matrix in EAA SURGE provides high-quality fermented amino acids that are rapidly absorbed, easy on the stomach, and refreshing to drink while training.
LEAN MUSCLE BUILDER WITH CLINICAL DOSES OF HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS. EAAs are only part of the intraworkout performance and recovery equation, so we formulated EAA SURGE with a synergistic blend of Amino9, L-Taurine, and Coconut Water Powder to take your muscle pumps, blood flow, recovery, and strength gains to the next level. Best of all, this is the most delicious EAA supplement you will ever try, making it suitable for all-day growth and recovery. Try taking it between meals, befo
VEGAN, NATURALLY FLAVORED, & SUGAR-FREE. EAA Surge is a completely vegan formula manufactured in the USA in a multi-certified facility under rigorous quality control standards. Be confident that every bottle of EAA SURGE provides only the highest-quality ingredients with absolutely no harsh chemicals, artificial dyes, fillers, or added sugars. This great-tasting, fermented amino acid powder serves as the catalyst that will take your workouts to the next level while you reap the benefits of max