EVERYDAZE Inner Beauty Collagen + Vitamin C Konjac Jelly 150ml x 10 Pouches | Peach Flavor | 10 Calories, 0 Sugar | Weight Management, Satisfy Cravings, Health Boost



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Our blend of konjac and peach flavor increases satisfaction with its fresh fruity taste for your sweet tooth, and decreases guilt by managing hunger & cravings with just 10 calories and no sugar. – For those sweet tooth tempted by poor health associated habits – To fight off overeating and sugar overdose – To achieve beauty for both inside and out – To take care of your health and weight by practicing mindful eating How is it still so sweet? With 10 Calories & Zero Sugar?! It’s made of natural sweetener, Erythritol. It is not metabolized and safely exits the body. Added infusion of supplements: Collagen – Provides joint and muscle support and improves skin elasticity. Vitamin C – Boosts immune system and promotes bright and healthy skin.

– REDUCES HUNGER, PREVENT OVEREATING, and SATISFIES CRAVINGS with a sweet dose of natural peach extract and flavor
– Added infusion of COLLAGEN and VITAMIN C work together to enhance your BEAUTY from the INSIDE-OUT
-CONVENIENT SQUEEZE POUCH that is TRAVEL FRIENDLY for those ON-THE-GO busy individuals. -Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free, Fat Free