Garden of Life Fucoxanthin Supplements – FucoThin Diet Pill for Weight Loss, 180 Softgels



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f├╝coTHIN is a natural, whole food based supplement made with fucoxanthin combined with pomegranate seed oil, for a patent-pending formula that is naturally thermogenic. Thermogenesis is the process by which the body increases its metabolic rate, requiring utilization of internal stores of energy, such as fat.

Proprietary Blend: One softgel provides 200mg of Xanthigen, a powerful combination of concentrated Brown Seaweed Fucoxanthin with Pomegranate Seed Oil.
Non-Stimulant Natural Fat Burner for Women: Unlike stimulants, this Whole Food based weight loss support supplement burns fat without stimulating the central nervous system.
Dual Action: This Gluten Free, Dairy Free, patent-pending formula is naturally thermogenic, while also providing antioxidant cellular protection.
While fucoTHIN has been clinically shown to provide a significant boost in metabolic rate, your healthcare practitioner can help you decide if it’s a perfect fit for your individual diet and exercise program.