GERD and Gastritis Cookbook: 2 manuscripts:the new complete guide on gastritis and gerd with natural remedies. More than 100 recipes and diet plan for heartburn,reflux and stomach acid.



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Do you want delicious recipes that do not give rise to the symptoms of gastritis and GERD?

Many scientific studies suggest that simple lifestyle changes added to a healthy diet can reduce the risk or delay the onset of gastritis, acid reflux, and other forms of inflammation in the body. "GERD and Gastritis Cookbook" offers numerous recipes designed to prevent inflammation of the stomach lining and esophagus and offers many useful tips to cure, prevent gastritis and acid reflux.
In this guide you will find:
-What is gastritis and gerd
-Causes and symptoms
-Risks and complications
-Diagnosis and treatment
-What to eat and what to avoid
-Recipes for breakfast
-Meat and fish recipes
-Snacks, side dishes, appetizers
-Unique dishes
-And much more
Go back to your table without that annoying heartburn and acid reflux. Change your lifestyle; proper nutrition can be your best ally to fight these annoying pathologies.