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Product Overview

KUR Live Simply believes in producing quality, natural health and wellness products. We search for the purest, all-natural raw ingredients to formulate effective non-chemical, safe alternatives.

The KUR Live Simply Ginger Pads for feet help provide relief both mentally and physically. For those who experience trouble with sleep, this Ginger feet patch help promote healthy and restful sleep throughout the night and give you an energizing boost in the morning.

Simply apply the relief foot pads to your feet before bed and let them work their magic throughout the night.

ginger foot pads for swelling relieve fatigue, pressure and foot pain, so if you someone who does a lot of walking, these ginger foot patches will provide optimal relief when used regularly.

We are including a Free TWO Ginger spa tablets with every order, so don’t miss out! We guarantee you will be satisfied with the result and your free gift!

[USER-FRIENDLY, NO MESS APPLICATION] – Place the feet pad onto your foot, where you can leave it for 6-8 hours. Ginger footpads will work while you sleep, allowing you to feel the benefits in the morning.
[SOOTHING, FOR BETTER SLEEP] – Foot patches has natural soothing abilities, promoting a positive mental state conducive to good, restful, deep sleep. Ginger pads helps you wake up feeling naturally re-energized and ready to go. Let go of stress as the pure natural ginger patches help calm and relax your body and mind.
[PAIN AND FATIGUE RELIEF] – Our foot relief patch Premium all-natural ingredients help remove body moisture and relieve pressure on the foot or joints. If you’re always on the go, this herbal ginger patch for swelling will help relieve fatigue, soothing your aching feet.
[MULTIFUNCTIONAL PLUS BONUS FREE GIFT] – Not only are Ginger pads effective on the feet, but they can also be used on other aching parts. Apply to your neck, shoulders, waist, or legs to relieve pain and reduce swelling. FREE 2 Ginger Spa tablets can be used in a hot water foot soak for additional relief.