GLAMBURG Cotton Yoga Mat, Hot Yoga Rug Thick Large 24″x72″ Non-Slip Reversible Exercise Fitness Mat, Farmhouse Stripe, Mysore Rug, Eco – Friendly Machine Washable Cotton Meditation Rug, Beige White



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Product Description


Glamburg 100% Cotton Yoga Rug Mat

100% Cotton yoga rug mat, each one is biodegradable, fair trade, durable, sustainable, and made from mother earth’s resources. Non-slip, flexible, comfortable and durable. It is good for all Yoga styles and popular as Mysore Yoga rug mat, measures 24 inches x 72 inches (2 x 6 feet) and machine washable.

Non-Slip Reversible Exercise Fitness Mat, Farmhouse Stripe, Mysore Rug, Machine Washable Cotton Meditation Rug

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At GLAMBURG, we ensure distinctive rugs and decorative accessories. We bring you the best in handmade home furnishings and strive to produce designs that are trend setting, fresh, bright, innovative and unique. The quality of our creations is evident in our entire production line, for perfection by emphasizing every intricate detail.

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Non-Slip, Reversible and Durable

Slip Vs Grip : With just the right amount of grip you can work at your level as you cultivate. A perfect companion for your fitness process with complimented attributes like fully reversible, non-slip and durability.

100% Cotton

This natural fiber absorbs moisture, provides superior grip and excellent traction. The absorbent quality of cotton works to your advantage with our hand-made mats. It’s Cotton…Naturally – Yogis love a natural surface for their practice.


Good for all Yoga styles : Hot, Restorative, Kundalini and popular as Mysore Yoga rug mat

Why Glamburg Yoga Mat

Longer and wider 24” W x 72” L (2×6 feet)

Easy to carry

Durable and lightweight

Folds easy into a bolster or for joint support

Indoors outdoors use

Handmade craftsmanship

Machine washable

Experience the Natural Feeling of a Handcrafted Yoga Mat with available colors Beige, Black, Navy Blue, Green and Grey


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Folds easy into a bolster or for joint support. Striped pattern helps with alignment
Good for all Yoga styles – Hot, Restorative, Kundalini and popular as Mysore Yoga rug mat
For indoors outdoors use, easy to carry, durable and light weight
Machine washable, textured non-slip surface for excellent traction and superior grip