Green Diet Plum for 15 Days Natural Slimming Fat Burn Constipation Skin Problems 10g X 15pcs




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Product name:Sui Bian Guo(Candied Green Plum)
Ingredients:Candied green plum(green plum,white sugar),mulberry leaf powder,cassia seed powder,dietary fiber(fructo-loigosaccharide),tea powder(yerba mate)and food additives(beta-carotene) Package Weight:0.212kg/0.47lb
Net Weight:150g(10g*15PCS) Measurement:15*5.5*20cm/5.91*2.17*7.87inch

This Suibianguo plums is using green gage as its carrier, which called “long-life plum” in Japan and South Korea. It is fermented for 4 months, then processing with other five natural herbs and plants, which contains mulberry leaf powder, cassia seed, mate tea, dietary fibre and natural carotene. Therefore, it is with rich natural enzymes that help detoxify your body, helping you to break down and shed any undigested food and toxin trapped in our body due to our biological structure, for all-round better health.

User Instructions:
Drink plenty (2000ml or more a day) of warm (about body temperature) water
Do moderate exercise and take adequate rest
Take plenty of vegetables and fruits
Take the low dosage, initially 2 to 3 days, of 1 Share Plum, then increase to 2 if required
Not suitable for people who have had an operation or are suffering from other serious diseases
Suspend, reduce or stop using when nausea, Abdominal pain or Vomiting are present, or if you develop diarrhea

1.This product is stone fruit.Do not swallow it.
2.Do not use if inner bag seal is broken.
3.Store below 86℉ in a cool,dry place.Away from heat and direct sunlight.Refridgerate after opening.
4.Not recommended for babies,women during menstrual cycle,pregnant women and sick patience, especially with digestive ulcer
5.It is not meant for substitute of medicine.helps with bowel movements