High Density Muscle Foam Rollers by Day 1 Fitness – 4 SIZE OPTIONS and 7 COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM – Sports Massage Rollers for Stretching, Physical Therapy, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release -Exercise




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Initiates The Body’s Healing Response

Deep tissue massage works by triggering the body’s natural healing responses, causing a series of physiological reactions that lead to pain relief and relaxation in the belly of the muscle. Using a roller daily in these tight or painful areas can promote:

– An Increase In Blood Flow.

– The Breaking Down of Myofascial Connective Tissue.

– Lymphatic Drainage.

– A Release of Toxin Build-Up.

– A Release of Lactic Acid Build-Up.

– A Decrease in the Inflammation Responses.

Helps With Conditions Like Plantar Fasciitis

Chronic musculoskeletal conditions can occur from a variety of culprits that range from abnormalities in the skeletal alignment to repeated actions over extended periods of time. Conditions like plantar fasciitis occur when bands of fascia become overexerted, creating tiny tears that are not only painful but can lead to issues in other parts of your body. The Day 1 Fitness Roller helps alleviate pain and muscle spasms associated with these chronic issues, affording you a better quality of life.

Core Stability

Stabilize your core! Strengthen your pelvic wall! Increase your range of motion in your hip flexors! Get those summer abs you’ve been dying for!

With the Day 1 Fitness Roller, you can improve your balance and abdominal wall simply by using this product to do core exercises. Check out our eBook for effective ab exercises!

Helps Correct Spinal Abnormalities

Whether you suffer from an injury-related back problem or a spinal deformity such as Lordosis, Kyphosis, and Scoliosis, incorporating the Day 1 Fitness Roller into your daily stretching and workout routine will help with your posture and alignment. Good posture can help subside headaches, respiratory problems, sciatica, and so much more.

It’s Like Having Your Own Personal Trainer!

You receive an eBook with your purchase of one of our rollers. The eBook guides you in proper stretching techniques and protocol, as well as suggesting effective and unique ways to utilize your foam roller for exercise. With so much information guiding you, you’ll feel like you have your very own personal trainer in the comfort of your home.

Made in the U.S.A.

– High Quality Material.

– High Density EPP Foam.

– Can Sustain Up To 300 lbs.

– Made Right Here in The United States of America.


EFFECTIVE ​THERAPY​:​ Our foam roller helps release tightness in the back, neck, TFL, & feet. Built for a controlled, full range of motion, our deep tissue massage tool optimizes surface contact so every muscle experiences knot & myofascial release.
MULTIFUNCTIONAL​ USE: ​From recovery to sports injury to chronic pain, our reflexology tool alleviates various musculoskeletal issues like plantar fasciitis, shin splints, runner’s legs & tennis elbow. Trust Day 1 Fitness to provide comfort & precision.
HIGH QUALITY​ & ​DURABLE​: ​This muscle gym roller for beginners or athletes is made of EPP foam which is high-density & resists bending or breaking under tension or weight, providing a firm, deep tissue massage that can be utilized for long-term therapy.
TAKE IT WITH YOU EVERYWHERE: ​24” long and 6” thick, our lightweight fitness roller is easy to travel with due to its weight and sturdiness. Take it to the gym, crossfit, yoga, or pilates. This workout muscle roller is great for stretching and exercise.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED:​ At Day 1 Fitness, we want our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase. If you aren’t happy with this product, send it back before 30 days for a full refund. It also comes with a 1 year warranty replacement.