How Weight Loss Surgery Really Works: And How to Make it Work for You


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How Weight Loss Surgery Really Works is the second book by Dr. Matthew Weiner, a bariatric surgeon and host of a popular Bariatric Surgery YouTube channel. In his new book, Dr. Weiner describes how the hormonal changes that alter your brain, fat stores and hunger signals are the most important component of weight loss surgery, rather than the portion control effects that have been emphasized in the past. These important shifts in your metabolic state are what should govern all of the decisions you make before and after weight loss surgery. Dr. Weiner outlines many of the hidden factors that have contributed to your weight gain that must be corrected if you hope to be successful after surgery. He then identifies the four ways that you can lose weight permanently (Bariatric Surgery is only one of them) and describes a plan that will allow you to utilize all of these techniques to maximize your weight loss after surgery. In addition to an in-depth review of the strengths and weakness of the different surgical options, Dr. Weiner also provides a nutritional plan for changing your diet to maximize your weight loss success. How Weight Loss Surgery Really Works is a must read for anyone who is considering, or has undergone Weight Loss Surgery. It presents a balanced discussion and realistic assessment of weight loss surgery in Dr. Weiner’s down to earth language that will ensure that you make the best of this incredibly valuable tool.