iQinQi Exercise Sliders, Dual Sided Core Sliders, Gliders Exercise Discs Use on Hardwood Floors, Workout Sliders Fitness Discs Abdominal & Total Body Gym Exercise Equipment for Home, Travel

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Product Description

iQinQi--Forging products, with the real feeling love to build qualityiQinQi--Forging products, with the real feeling love to build quality

Our goal is to inspire and motivate people through a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Do Exercise can make us healthy and happy.

You should choose our sliding discs and make a workout program
A workout program provides the basis for maintaining a healthy body mass index, toned muscles, improved cardiovascular function, increased physical stamina and heightened emotional well-being.

To Meet Your Better SelfTo Meet Your Better Self


IF YOU WANT to cut off belly fat to give your legs, arms and stomach muscles more strength, move up and start an aerobic workout with our sliding pads, and you’ll have a healthy body.

Each slider measures 22cm x 22cm x 0.6cmEach slider measures 22cm x 22cm x 0.6cm

22cm Diameter and 0.5cm Thickness–Perfect Size, Fit For Everyone

Both sides are woven fabric layer, No chaffing of the fingers, No scratching or scuffing of the floor
Use on hardwood, laminate and tiled floors
Low-Impact, effective and high-intensity AB workout, Strengthen and condition your entire body
Multi-Functional Training
Easy to use, Easy to carry. Anytime & Anywhere

Increase Athletic PerformanceIncrease Athletic Performance


Lose weight
Body building
Tone your core
Build strength
Feel more confident and attractive
Become more focused and flexible
Regain your balance and strength









About 20 minutes with sliding discs

while doing aerobic, with a healty diet

you can definitely slim down

Feel More Confident and Attractive


Training all parts of your body muscles

Great for abs, glutes, legs and so on

Tone your core

Regain your balance and strength

Awesome Variation to Your Abdominal and

Core Workout


Lightweight and compact,No matter where

are easy to carry.exercise any time and any place

Whole Body Workout to Hit All Parts of Your Body

Pretty WaistPretty Waist

Coordination AbilityCoordination Ability

Coordination Ability

Our Core Sliders engage your core muscles throughout the full range of motion of an exercise while introducing a balance challenge.

The long, graceful movements are also a good way to increase flexibility.

Rapid Thin Waist

Pretty Waist

Safe weight loss

Fashion weight loss

But also your perfect figure

★【Perfect Workout Kit】Our core sliders help you target all muscles groups, strengthen your Core, Glutes, Abs Fitness. Exercise sliders can bring you healthy experiences anytime and anywhere, and get a healthy strong physique. It’s a total body workout that is very low impact but highly effective for core development.
★【Providing Stable and Effective Movement】Each slider measures 22cm diameter, the perfect size for everyone! Exercise discs can work great on hardwood floors. The fabric on both sides of workout slider discs use on hardwood, laminate and tiled floors, which are more flexible to use. Great addition to your Home Gym for our sliding discs that like to switch things up.
★【Low Impact, Effective and Fun】Smooth, graceful and low impact exercises strengthen, stretch and sculpt your muscles. Gym sliders discs can reduce impact of tendons and joints when you do body movements with hands and feet on the ground, No chaffing of the fingers. Workout discs is perfect for working out at home and gym.
★【Multi-Functional Training】With such a wide variety of slider exercise to do, our fitness sliders are the perfect piece of equipment for defining your abs! If you want to cut off belly fat to give your legs, arms and stomach muscles more strength, move up and start an aerobic workout with these sliders, you deserve to feel great and have a healthy lean physique. Awesome Variation to Your Abdominal/Core Workout.
★【100% Satisfaction】Flexible floor sliders are lightweight, durable and compact, you can take them along in a briefcase. More convenient, easy to store and incredibly portable. So you could do any workout anytime any where. If you are not satisfied with our products, we will refund you payment. Buy Now, as a good gift for family, friends, lovers.