Just Tell Me What To Do: Start living the ketogenic lifestyle to Lose weight, Feel Great and reinvent your Life for a New and Improved You



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Just tell me what to do.

As a practicing physician assistant, I get asked every day for guidance on how to lose weight and live a more healthier lifestyle.

After seeing the many health and weight loss benefits patients have achieved using the ketogenic lifestyle, such as better control of their diabetes, high blood pressure and gastrointestinal symptoms, as well as reduction in medication and more energy, I decided to write this book. 

Just Tell Me What To Do shares how we got to where we are at in the “diet” world, why the ketogenic lifestyle works and, how to easily incorporate the keto plan in your life for long lasting results.

In simple terms, you will understand how the foods that you eat affect your hormones and how those hormones will affect your health and weight loss.

Having this understanding will better equip you to have control of your health so you can make the correct decisions now and for many years to come. I do this by giving you examples of the foods and actual meals will jump start your journey.

Then, as an added bonus, the book gives you discounts to our websites so that you can get new ongoing information and encouragement as well as discounts to the supplements that your body may need.

In other words, I want to help you lose weight and boost the quality of life to a level you’ve never experienced before.

So, if you are ready to make a change and need the information from a source that helps people each day reach their goals, buy now and start the process to become your New You.

The TIME IS NOW to make a difference in your life because you deserve it!

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