Keto IV Electrolyte Drops + High Potassium | No Leak Dropper Bottle | 500mg Potassium + Magnesium, Sodium & Zinc | Unflavored Minerals | 30 Servings



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Adapted Nutrition’s Keto IV electrolyte drops is the highest potassium Electrolyte Concentrate available, designed for powerful hydration that promotes endurance, eliminates cramps and supports a Keto Diet!
REHYDRATE FAST & BEAT LEG CRAMPS – Keto IV’s support mechanisms include: Reduces heat stress, cramping, nausea, and fatigue. Supports energy, muscle recovery & gain, and endurance. Antioxidants support and healthy immune system function*.
ALL-NATURAL SEA MINERALS & NO MALTODEXTRIN – Keto IV meets the demanding needs of keto dieters as well as endurance athletes such as Cyclists, Runners, Swimmers, Triathletes, Cross-fitters, and even Yogis.
TASTE & PORTABILITY – Keto IV Unflavored is NOT focused on taste and adds a salty, mineral taste to water. If you’re sensitive to mineral flavor, add a squeeze of lemon or add to juice or smoothie. With our new dropper bottle, you can finally throw an electrolyte concentrate in your gym bag or purse without it opening or making a mess.