Matcha Slim 2+1 – Energy Drink Mix Powder Supplement with Taurine & Spirulina 3.53oz – Natural, Sugar Free, Vitamin Rich Green Tea Diet for Women, Men



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Our energy drink mixes for water, juice, milk & more make loading up on daily
nutrition easy. Tasty & highly nutritious, this organic matcha drink fuels the body with
nutritional balance & all natural energy to keep you mentally & physically responsive. VEGAN 🔹 NON GMO 🔹 NO ADDED SUGAR 🔹 CRUELTY FREE 🔹 NATURAL
ENHANCED WITH TAURINE & SPIRULINA: Healthy energy drink consists of organic plant based extracts loaded with vitamins, nutrients, essential amino acids.
FORMULATED FOR BOTH MEN & WOMEN: This energy drink mix powder is safe for men & women. Add it to your morning routine to stay alert during the day or drink it during the evening if you’re having to pull an all nighter.
HONEST, PURE & POTENT MATCHA DRINK: Edible food grade matcha green tea powder drink is 100% non-GMO, zero sugar, vegan, cruelty-free. Optimal nutrition one green drink.