MAX BLOC Carb Blocker for Weight and Keto Support – 10X Carb Blocking Strength (Validated by NPFAF) – World 1st Concentrated Carb Blocker with Zero Lectin – 120 Cap.


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Product Description

Max Bloc Carb Blocker, Weight Loss, Weight Control, and Keto SupportMax Bloc Carb Blocker, Weight Loss, Weight Control, and Keto Support

✔ CLINICALLY TESTED: Max Bloc Carb Blocker, a new generation of stronger and natural carb blocker from Phaseolus Vulgaris beans, is Clinically Tested and can reduce up to 26.2% of glycemic response (calories) from foods as validated by clinical studies.

✔ BLOCK CARBS AND SUPPORT WEIGHT LOSS KETO: Max Bloc Carb Blocker has 10 times carb-blocking power compared to traditional carb blockers and white kidney bean extract*. Max Bloc contains ZERO toxic lectins, while other brands contain a high concentration of toxic lectins from white kidney beans. When you take carb blockers constantly, you do not want products with toxic lectins.

✔ PROMOTE FAT UTILIZATION Max Bloc Carb Blocker pills block the glucose – the energy/calories from your food. This performs like fat burner and triggers your body to use your fat, boost your metabolism, and support to lose belly weight for both women and men.

✔ SUPPRESS APPETITE: Max Bloc concentrated Carb-blocking bean protein can increase fullness and reduce your appetite because the undigested starch simply goes into your large intestines and promote your fullness and gut health.

✔ PROPRIETARY PRODUCTION PROCESS: Max Bloc concentrated Carb Blocker is produced using patented technology and patent-pending technologies from natural USDA grade #1 beans – Phaseolus Vulgaris. The process allows us to extract the highest strength of carb blockers while deactivating 100% of the toxic lectins.

✔ ALL IN USA: The Max Bloc bean protein is produced in an FDA-registered facility in the U.S. from U.S. farmed beans. Max Bloc Carb Blocker is exclusively supplied by the Layer Origin brand. Unlike other imported ingredients, we control every step of the production to ensure the highest strength and safety for our customers.

✔ SCIENCE APPROVED: Max Bloc Carb Blocker diet pills are thoroughly tested and scientifically researched by our in-house scientists to ensure the right dose and taking time. We have a team of scientists with Ph.D. dedicated to the research and development of Max Bloc Carb Blocker Supplements.

**** Important Tips: Max Bloc Carb Blocker must be taken 20-30 mins before meals, based on the data of numerous lab testings and our human trial. Unlike any other brand, we produce and recommend based on scientific data.

Natural, Stronger, and Safer Carb Blocker, Only Available through Layer Origin Natural Supplements

Max Bloc Carb Blocker, Weight Loss, Weight Control, Keto DietMax Bloc Carb Blocker, Weight Loss, Weight Control, Keto Diet

*10X Carb Blocking Power than Leading Brands (Validated by the Natural Product and Food Analysis Facility). *Not Equals to Weight Loss Results.

Your fitness goals with Max Bloc Carb Blocker

Reduce Carbs' Impact

Reduce Carbs' Impact

Reduce Calorie Intake

Reduce Calorie Intake

3 Capsules Weight Loss

3 Capsules Weight Loss

1 Capsule to Support Keto Diet

Max Bloc Carb Blocker acts as a natural amylase inhibitor and prevents the amylase from digesting the starch, which means less starch are broken down and less calories from carbs are absorbed. This trigger your body to use fat as the energy source and promote your Keto reactions.

2 Capsules to Support Weight Control

Max Bloc Carb Blocker reduces the calorie intake by inhibiting the digestion of starch. Our Ultra-strength carbohydrates blocker can simply block more carbohydrates from your food and help you control your weight easily without changing your diet.

3 Capsules to Support Weight Loss

Max Bloc Carb Blocker (3 capsules 20-30 min before meal) can significantly block starch in food and reduce the calorie intakes, help you burn fat and achieve your fitness goal fast. The undigested starch simply goes into your large intestine, turns into fiber, and promotes fullness and gut health.

Established Science – Same Amount of Food, Less Calorie Absorption. Take 20-30 min before meal

How does Max Bloc Work?How does Max Bloc Work?

If you get 2,000 calories a day, between 900 and 1,300 calories is from carbohydrates. The digestion of complex carbohydrates begins in the mouth and continues as the food passes into the stomach. Most starch digestion happens in the small intestine with the help of two enzymes: amylase and glucosidase. The enzymes break the starch down into glucose. That glucose is then absorbed into your blood vessels, which raises your blood glucose level.

Max Bloc Carb Blocker can block one of the starch digestion enzymes in small intestines: alpha-amylase. This prevents the starch from being digested and reduces the amount of glucose/calories being generated and absorbed by your body. You can eat the same amount of food, and enjoy much less calories with Max Bloc Carb Blocker.

UltraStrength: 10X strength & 0 toxic lectin, stronger carb blockers & safer diet pills for women & men
Block Carbs & Trigger Fat Use: block carbs & trigger body to use fat, boost metabolism on Day 1.
Important Tips: Unlike Other Carb Blockers, Max Bloc Must Be Taken 20-30 min Before Meal To Take Effects
Easy Capsules: 1 capsule to support Keto, 2 capsules to support weight control, 3 capsules to support weight loss