Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Beginners: Regain Your Desired Body Shape & Confidence and Wow Your Friends, 250 Satisfying & Healthy Recipes for Quick Weight Loss, Ideal for Lifelong Transformation



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Experience an amazing drop in your body weight using a method that doesn’t require you to count calories or macros!

Don’t be surprised when your friends stop you in your path to find out how you achieve that new body shape and glowing confidence!

Are you feeling your body slowing down as you enter in your 30s and 40s? Are you looking for a way to reverse the seemingly inevitable trend of aging but it feels overwhelming with the populous number of diet plans to choose from?

The Mediterranean diet has gained a lot of attention because of the results it can deliver – astonishingly fast weight loss without the need to count calories. It achieves this by controlling the intake of carbohydrates just enough to get the body to use fats as fuel instead. This also means that it is not as restrictive as diet regimes like keto, and offers a wide variety of meal choices to stave off the hunger pangs. All this helps to make it an an easy eating lifestyle to stick with.

Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Beginners will make it an even easier way to kickstart your weightless journey with the wealth of information and recipes it offers!

  • Learn the basics and benefits of the Mediterranean diet, and how it works to help your body lose the weight it doesn’t need safely and easily.
  • Understand what the Medifast plan is all about so you can integrate it into your lifestyle with minimal fuss and muss.
  • With 250 mouthwatering recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, salad, snack, side dishes, and smoothies, you will never to settle for smoothies or snack bars only as replacement meals.
  • Highly detailed recipes with easy to follow directions so the less time you spend in the kitchen, the more time you can spend out of it doing the things you love.
  • Comprehensive nutritional information with each recipe so you know what you are putting in your body, and also be able to tweak restaurant dishes to your preference when dining out.

You will be armed with the knowledge of how the Mediterranean diet can work for you, and enjoy lip-smacking gorgeous meals to stay on track and hit your wellness goals.

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