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Product Name: Bokbunja juice Contents: 100ml Type of food: Healthy juice Ingredients and Content: Bokbunja 98% (Made in Korea), Purified Water, Oligosaccharide 1% Intake and method of intake: Adults 1 or 2 times a day, please take 1 pack.

2. It Helps You To Live Energetic And Healthy. Recommended For Working Women Or Middle-Aged Women. It Is Good For Men Who Are Exhausted And Exhausted.
3. The High Content Of Korean Bokbunja Raw Materials And The Fermented Undiluted Solution Were Added To The Taste And Health Of The City.
4. It Is A Bokbunja Which Has Excellent Taste And Ingredient Content Grown On A Farm Containing Germanium.
5. The Precipitate In The Pouch Pack Is A Unique Ingredient Of The Bokbunja, So You Can Just Shake It.