Optavia Cookbook 2021: 127 Healthy And True Approved Lean And Green Recipes to Stay on Program Easily And Keep the Weight off Forever



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You’ve Just Discovered A Huge Collection Of Mouthwatering Lean And Green Recipes You Can Take While Following The Optavia Program To Ensure You Don’t Water Down The Health Benefits That Come With The Fuelings You Take!

Adopting the Optavia program is the right choice you’ve made. But while it has pre-packed meals, which are very easy to follow, you can agree with me that the lean and green part is quite challenging to navigate, especially for someone already looking for a rigid, clear-cut, structure, which explains why you are looking for recipes that will bring the structure you so much crave for.

Perhaps you are wondering…

Do the recipes have cook times and other necessary information that will ensure you know beforehand how much time it might take before committing?

Do the recipes have nutritional information that is within the required range for different plans?

Are the ingredients easy to find and budget friendly to ensure you don’t end up spending a fortune – adding more to the program costs?

The answer to all these is a resounding YES. Having been on the Optavia program for over 5 years, the author, Emily Grant, has carefully selected her favorite, go-to recipes to make her journey effortless by ensuring there is more than enough options of lean and green recipes! This book is a collection of all what she has carefully selected over the years!

Here’s a preview of what you will find:

  • The basics of the Optavia program, including what exactly it is, and how it works
  • The foods to eat and those you should avoid while on the Optavia program
  • 127 hand-picked, wildly delicious and healthy Optavia program friendly recipes that you can prepare with ease for breakfast, lunch, dinner, side meals, desserts, and more
  • All recipes are well structured with step-by-step instructions and include affordable, easy-to-find ingredients and nutritional information
  • All recipes are complete, with nutritional information, serving sizes and cook time
  • And much more…

Regardless of whether you are following the optavia program to shed off weight or just to maintain it, these lean and green recipes will support your journey and make it easy for you to stick to the program, without feeling too hungry!

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