[Organic Maru]30 years Organic cabbage juice 30 pack 1 box / Gift/Health Food/Pack/Bundle/Health Drink/Diet foods/Parents Gift/Vegetable



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Food Type: Healthy Juice Shelf Life: 12 months from date of manufacture Raw materials and content: Organic cabbage 100% (made in Korea) Contents: 100ml X 30 pack Storage: Store in cool, normal temperature. During long-term storage, symptoms such as diarrhea may occur when overdosing.

2. Organic Processed Food Certified, Safe And Healthy 100% Organic Cabbage Can Be Served.
3. Natural Fermented Compost And Microorganisms Using Pure Organic Vegetables Grown In Cabbage Made Of Luxury.
4. It Was Used Only As A Luxury Organic Cabbage Grown By Organic Farming Method.
5. It Will Be Delivered In A Good Box For A Gift.