PaleoPro Protein Powder, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Whey Free, Soy Free, No Added Hormones, Pastured Grass-fed Beef, Minimally Processed, 12 Single-Serve Packs, 6 Ancient Cacao/6 Aztec Vanilla


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Product Description

paleo protein powderpaleo protein powder

“PALEO” — It’s more than just a word on a package…it’s a lifestyle for those passionate about their everyday health and performance. PaleoPro’s dedication to

this lifestyle is evident in the effort they put into the ingredients and manufacturing of their pure, portable, paleo products.

paleo protein powderpaleo protein powder

Whey? NO WHEY! Many paleo and keto protein powder products are derived from whey…but whey protein is dairy and not paleo! NO SOY! The protein in PaleoPro mix is minimally processed and does not use soy like most other protein mixes. We use Grass-Fed and Pastured Beef and Eggs that are air dried then ground into a fine powder. Feed your muscles properly with this delicious protein featuring paleo ingredients and packing 26g protein per serving!

Even the flavored versions stay true to the PaleoPro mission, adding natural flavorings like dutch cocoa and the natural zero calorie sweetener monk fruit. We hope you enjoy the effort and quality that goes into every one of our products as much as we do!

Ingredients: Grass-Fed Lean Beef Protein, Egg Protein, Natural Flavors, Monk Fruit Extract*, Sunflower Lecithin.* *Flavored versions only.

paleo protein powderpaleo protein powder

paleo protein powder

paleo protein powder

paleo protein powder

paleo protein powder

paleo protein powder

paleo protein powder

paleo protein powder

paleo protein powder

You are what you eat…

That’s PaleoPro’s philosophy anyway. They are vigilant about using only the best quality protein sources that are raised humanely and with respect. That means grass-fed and pasture raised cows for protein and collagen as well as non-GMO cage-free eggs.

It has to taste great…

When you start with using only the highest quality ingredients, there’s no bad taste to cover up! So in addition to the ‘Plain Naked’ formula, PaleoPro also offer a wide variety of delicious non-GMO natural flavors sweetened with zero calorie monk fruit extract.

It has to fit with my diet…

PaleoPro products are strictly formulated to be keto and paleo diet friendly. That means avoiding things like dairy, soy, sugar, grains, and gluten while focusing on high quality protein from reputable farms. Their ingredient list is small and simple as real food should be.

Pure and portable…

The protein formulas are designed to taste great by just adding a little cold water and shaking. Offered in convenient 1 lb bags or single serve pouches there is no excuse not to have a deliciously healthy protein packed snack on hand whenever hunger strikes.

paleo protein powderpaleo protein powder

PaleoPro is committed to making purposeful and delicious ‘real-food’ paleo powders using only the highest quality ingredients available. If you have experienced PaleoPro products already, then you know they mean it, and if you are simply curious, we invite you to discover it for yourself!

Paleo + Keto Friendly

Grass-Fed and Pastured Beef Protein + Collagen

Cage-Free Egg Protein

Vegan / Plant Based

Soy Free

Grain and Gluten Free

Powerful Veggie Sources

Dairy, Whey, Lactose Free

Multiple Flavors

100% Delicious

Made from pastured grass-fed beef and eggs, no added hormones
Feed your muscles properly with this protein featuring paleo ingredients
Mix 1 scoop with approximately 12-16 fl oz of water or another favorite beverage
Totally delicious!