Physique Tea Ultimate Body Cleanse & Slimming Tea | Custom Blends to Reduce Bloating, Hunger and a Fat Tummy | Garcinia Cambogia & Turmeric Anti-Inflammatory & No Laxative Tea | Detox Diet Included



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FUSE THE POWER OF DETOX WITH THE VIVACITY OF SLIM You asked – we’ve merged. For the first time ever, you can now bundle and save with the new combination pack of our signature 15-Day Teatox with the Slimming Tea blend. These two tea blends will rid your body of harmful toxins, as well as help to flatten your belly and get rid of that unwanted bloat. Both teas are packed with high-quality, natural ingredients found in nature. Ingredients like Guava Leaf, Garcinia Cambogia, Silk Oolong, Ku Ding Cha, and Red Snow help to suppress your appetite, increase your metabolism, and rev up a sluggish system. If you’re ready to reach your weight loss goals without starving yourself or spending thousands on juice cleanses, it’s time to test the power of tea. Weight loss has never been tastier! The 15-Day Detox and the Slim Tea are created in the USA with all-natural ingredients gathered straight from the source – Asia. The ingredients in the Detox Tea are all-natural, and mint and vanilla essences create an addicting aroma that tastes even better than it smells. The powerful fusion in the Slim Tea blend makes dieting easier than ever, and the tea does not cause cramping, unlike many weight loss products.Not satisfied with the Detox x Slim combination pack? Return it for a 100% refund.See packaging image for full ingredients. ** Strainer Not included in this combo pack

INCREASE YOUR ENERGY LEVEL – When you feel better, you can do more for yourself, your family and at work.
BOOST YOUR BODY’S IMMUNE SYSTEM – Orange Peel, Turmeric and Bupleurum Root work together to boost your body’s immune system.
INCREASE METABOLISM – More fat and carbohydrates are being flushed out of the body faster along with other harmful toxins that can promote disease and illness thanks to our slimming and detox tea.
DETOX DIET – The all-in-one total body detoxing cleanse in combination with our signature Slimming tea blend gives you everything you need, from 60+total servings to our full detox diet (included for free).