Pit Grit Underarm Scrub Armpit Detox Exfoliation to Fight Body Odor All Natural for use with Natural Deodorant



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PIT GRIT boosts natural deodorants’ ability to ward off stinky pits and offensive body odor. PIT GRIT can be easily used in the shower, after a long hard day, or on-the-go with natural and organic deodorants. Pit Grill will cleanse, detox and remove build-up from the under arm. Just a dime sized dab will help inhibit body odor-causing bacteria.
PIT GRIT is a great way to transition from conventional deodorant/antiperspirants to natural deodorants. Since natural deodorants don’t tend to work quite as well as their aluminum laden counterparts, PIT GRIT is a great add-on to use before applying them! This all natural, patent-pending, scrub is not a deodorant, but rather an exfoliant made specifically to clean and detox the underarm. It leaves a clean slate to give your natural deodorant a chance to work effectively.
For people who want better control of underarm body odor naturally, and who care about what they put in, and on, their bodies. Great for fitness, wellness, yoga professionals, runners, athletes, new and breastfeeding moms, teens, outdoor/garden workers, or ANYONE who experience excessive body odor.
PIT GRIT promotes the use of natural deodorant because it was created to be the “assist” that natural deodorants need to be effective. Intended to be used before applying deodorant. From the first time of using PIT GRIT before your deodorant, watch the effectiveness of your natural deodorant improve!
Made cruelty-free in the USA by a socially conscious, woman-owned small business, whose mission is to educate consumers about the health hazards of toxic products, and easy ways for people to access healthier natural alternatives. No synthetic chemicals. No BPA, SLS, Aluminum, Parabens, synthetic fragrances, colors or undisclosed ingredients.