Pray Powerfully, Lose Weight: 21 Days of Short Prayers, Declarations, Scriptures and Quotes for a Healthy Body, Spirit and Soul. (Healthy by Design)



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Are you tired of trying to lose weight on your own and not seeing results?

Do you feel like you’ve tried just about every weight loss program out there, but you can’t seem to drop the weight and keep it off?

Pray Powerfully, Lose Weight was written for you.

Cathy Morenzie is an award-winning author, international speaker and Christian weight loss coach who has empowered hundreds of thousands of women to transform their bodies by embracing their true identity in God and harnessing the power of His Word.

Pray Powerfully, Lose Weight is anything but your average self-help book or diet plan. In this inspirational daily Christian devotional for women, Cathy will show you how to guarantee long-term success by losing weight God’s way.

Over 21 power-packed days you will learn how to:

  • Let go of guilt, shame and self-doubt
  • Embrace your true identity in God
  • Pray the right prayers for your health
  • Use the Bible as the ultimate motivational tool

And so much more.

Pray Powerfully, Lose Weight was written to help you embark upon a journey to achieving lasting weight loss, so that you can find freedom and live out your calling as you honor God every day with your body.

For each day of this transformational women’s weight loss devotional, you will be guided through:

  • A short devotion to help you focus your mind and spirit
  • A spiritual action you can take right away to take control of your healthy weight loss journey
  • Encouraging testimonies from women just like you
  • An opportunity for biblical meditation, centred on a motivational Bible verse
  • Inspirational quotes from some of the world’s great thought leaders
  • Faith statements taken directly from the Word for you to declare over yourself
  • A heartfelt prayer you can use to help you give each area of your health over to God


  • An opportunity for structured journaling, so you can let go of negative thoughts and embrace a positive, faith-filled perspective.

This transformational daily devotional for women also includes these valuable resources for biblical weight loss:

  • 8 pages of scripture-based prayers that you can use to seek the Holy Spirit for each stage of your dieting and weight loss journey
  • 7 pages of daily declarations to strengthen your faith as you break free from emotional eating, overcome self-doubt and develop a positive relationship with food. Cut these out and display them in your home for a visual reminder of the promises of God for your life.

If you’re ready to find lasting freedom in your relationship with food, Pray Powerfully, Lose Weight is the perfect choice for you. You will be equipped and empowered by each daily devotion to welcome God into your new lifestyle of healthy living, and receive godly weight loss encouragement as well as practical weight loss support.

This book was previously published as Reflections of God’s Love.

About the Author
Cathy Morenzie has been a leader in the health industry for 30+ years. She once struggled with weight issues herself, but experienced a powerful breakthrough when she realized that the answer to her problems lay in ‘faith, not food’! Now, Cathy’s life mission is to equip millions to live a healthy lifestyle by helping them to rediscover their true identity in Christ.

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