Rawel Delicous Diet Konjac Jelly 1box / 10packs / Dietary Supplement for Weight Loss/Low Calories (Yogurt)



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korea best diet food brand RAWEL Deliciously konjac jelly 4.5oz (130ml) * 10Pack – Eat it deliciously! – enjiy 5 different flavors~! – Be more beautiful without burden about calories. – Chewy texture! It’s more delicious!! – 6 kal of delicious jelly which makes you feel full – portable pouch type!

√The secret of its sweet flavor – it contains erythritol, its degree of sweet taste is about 70~80% of sugar!
√Chewy texture! – When it is cool, its texture is more chewy!
√HACCP certificate for making safe food and its sanitarity
√Korea best diet brand RAWEL!