Resistance Bands – Tension Band Set for Weights Exercise, Fitness Workout – Heavy Anti Snap Resistant – Comes with Door Anchor Attachment, Legs, Ankle Straps and Carry Case

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Product Description

Exercise class using resistance bands.Exercise class using resistance bands.

Combined with a healthy diet and a consistent exercise routine, FITNESS MASTER Resistance Bands can enhance your workout regimen with weight resistance training to build muscle and burn calories. With the 5 different resistance level bands – from 5 to 25 lbs. – you can start from 5 lbs. to a combined total of 75 lbs. of muscle-building resistance. Variety is the spice of life, and with the included ankle straps, door anchor and handles, you can change up exercises while targeting muscle groups. Keep it all together or take it with you in the included drawstring carrying bag.

Couple dressed in workout gear standing in gym.Couple dressed in workout gear standing in gym.

5 latex bands in different colors and resistance levels5 latex bands in different colors and resistance levels


Fitness Master rubber latex bands are carefully chosen and tested for durability and snap-resistance. Unlike weight machines, rubber latex bands allow movement in all directions using core muscles which improves coordination and posture.

Image collage showing handles, ankle straps, door anchor and reinforced end.Image collage showing handles, ankle straps, door anchor and reinforced end.


5 assorted colorful bands with different resistance levels: 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 lbs
Durable rubber latex tube bands with reinforced ends and strong metal carabiners
2 comfortable foam cushioned handles
2 flexible nylon ankle straps
1 heavy-duty door anchor
1 handy vinyl drawstring carrying bag

Woman using resistance bands with intensity.Woman using resistance bands with intensity.


Complete Body Workout – target major muscle groups; may help increase flexibility, stamina, muscle tone.

Adapt to Your Fitness Level – with various resistance levels, this set can take you from beginner to advanced.

Versatile – access a variety of exercises using the door anchor or ankle straps, while giving you a wide range of movement. Use with normal exercises like push-up to step up intensity!

Compact & Portable – at home or on the go, the complete set fits into the drawstring carrying bag.

Drawing of clipboard with paper safety checklist and pencil.Drawing of clipboard with paper safety checklist and pencil.


Proper Use and Care

Resistance bands won’t last forever but can last several years with proper care/storage.
Avoid storing in direct sunlight or near heat source. This will dry the bands resulting in premature wear.
Do not stretch beyond their capacity (about 2 times the length). This can cause the bands to break down prematurely, resulting in weakened bands.
When tethering bands around any poles, posts, doorknobs, etc. ensure the surface is smooth.

Before Each Use

Most resistance band injuries are due to improper use or storage, and can be avoided. To prevent injury and ensure your safety, resistance bands should be inspected thoroughly before each use.

To Prevent Injury, Practice Safety First!

DO NOT use discolored bands

DO NOT use bands with cracks, punctures, scratches or other signs of wear

DO NOT try to repair snapped or torn bands

NEVER release a band while it’s under tension!

11 PC ANTI SNAP TUBE TECHNOLOGY – Fitness Power bands set consists of 5-Color Resistance Bands: 5/10/15/20/25 lbs, 2 Cushioned Handles, 1 Door Anchor, 2 Ankle Straps and a Carry Bag.
GET THE ULTIMATE BODY WORKOUT – Fitness Power is best for Professional Adults – Men – Women – Children – Kids – Boys and Girls looking for an Effective Calorie Burning, Muscle Building and Fat Shredding Workout Program.
PREMIUM GRADE FOR MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE – Thick stretch bands of varying weight levels gives you the flexibility to customize the intensity of your workouts.
PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT – With the included carrying case, you can take the “portable gym” with you! Whether you’re traveling or want to get in a quick workout while you’re at the office, Fitness Power Resistance Bands can go with you!
MANUFACTURER’S LIFETIME WARRANTY – If there are any issues with your product, simply contact us and we will give you a full refund and send you a new replacement. You don’t have to return the product.