SAN Rawfusion Diet Supplement, Peanut Chocolate Fudge, 1 Pound



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RawFusion is a delicious raw plant protein supplement that rivals the protein quality and content of other protein powders. High in animal-free protein and premium ingredients, it’s a new generation of plant protein without any sacrifices. The exclusive mix of pea protein isolate, sprouted brown rice protein, and artichoke protein concentrate gives RawFusion an amino acid profile that mimics that found in milk-based whey protein. Plus, the sunflower oil matrix is rich in EFA (essential fatty acids) for a fully balanced dairy-free protein source. And all the soy-free protein ingredients in RawFusion’s vegan protein are non-GMO, so you get a veggie protein with all the raw protein premium ingredients that make it a plant fusion superfood protein. Whether you’re a vegan in need of quality gluten-free plant protein, an elite athlete who demands the best non-GMO protein powder, or if you simply want a powerful, delicious, and nutritious easy-digestion protein source with premium ingredients, RawFusion is the raw plant protein that’s perfect for everyone.

100% raw vegan protein matrix
Aids in muscle tissue repair and maintenance
All natural ingredients, no artificial flavors or sweeteners
Completely free of dairy, soy, and animal protein