Shandali Hot Yoga Towel – Stickyfiber Yoga Towel – Mat-Sized, Microfiber, Super Absorbent, Anti-Slip, Injury Free, 24″ x 72″ – Best Bikram Yoga Towel – Exercise, Fitness, Pilates, and Yoga Gear




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Product Description

Don’t just live with a slippery and wet yoga mat, holding back your growth as a yogi. The Shandali Sticky Fiber Yoga Towel gives you the stability you need to improve your yoga routine.  Slipping while doing yoga is frustrating. It’s a top cause of injury and usually gets worse, not better, as you move into more complex postures. One small error and even the best yogi risks slipping and injury. Especially during Bikram yoga where sweat is just part of the game!

The Shandali StickyFiber Towel solves skidding and grip issues by using a Silicone Web Bottom to help you get your stability back! Silicone—used worldwide to improve grip and traction—is not commonly used in yoga products. We have discovered that for some routines, a silicone thread woven right into the towel fabric is the best way to enhance grip. One side of the towel feels just like any normal exercise towel, while the back side of the towel has a gripping silicone weave to grip the yoga mat or floor.

If your routine has the following problems, using a Shandali Sticky Fiber Yoga Towel can help you dramatically:

Hands that slip while doing downward dog. Feet that move around when doing triangle pose. Ankle or knee pain as your body attempts to stabilize in any warrior pose. Unable to really complete a posture due to slipping. Not getting deep enough into a posture due to loss of stability. Injury from falling out of form. All of these problems can be cause by a wet and unstable yoga mat. And they can all be reduced or eliminated with the increased stability provided by the Shandali Sticky Fiber Yoga Towel.

Freedom From the Mat.

The Shandali StickyFiber Microfiber-Silicone weave provides superior traction. Extra dense weave for comfortable, cushioned support. Durable, lightweight material construction. Think yoga needs a yoga mat? Think again.

Get the ultimate grip! Take your yoga to the next level.

Some yoga positions are slippery. Proper grip is important for yoga, Pilates, stretching, strengthening, or restorative floor exercises. This high quality yoga towel creates a comfortable silicone backed cushion between you and your yoga mat or floor. Works for home use, outdoor use, or at the yoga studio. Comfortable enough for meditation and mindfulness exercises, and for intense Hot Yoga routines.

Yoga anywhere anytime.

The Shandali Stickyfiber Yoga Towel is made of durable microfiber fabric that is both lightweight and strong. Roll it or fold it up and take it with you to the beach, park, or office. You don’t have to be burdened by a heavy unwieldy yoga mat anymore. Additionally, because it is backed by silicone threading, you  can use it directly on a floor or any flat surface.  Free your yoga from it’s mat!

Support when you need it.

The StickyFiber towel by Shandali is also useful as a yoga aid. Fold it and put it under your knees for extra knee support. Or sit on it for some extra cushion when meditating or in seated hip openers. Roll the towel up and put it under your neck or back to replicate the support of a foam roller. A truly versatile yoga tool.

Microfiber waffle texture for traction and durability.

Proper traction is important for stability and safety when maintaining challenging posses. Get the most out of your yoga routine – whether it’s warrior one or an extended side-angle pose, the Shandali Sticky Fiber Yoga Towel is perfect for beginners or experienced yogis. The microfiber waffle weave  and silicone backed threading will ensure a long lasting product life span. and a textured feel that will safely plant your feet onto your mat or floor.

ECO-SILICONE “WEB-GRIP” BOTTOM – Eco-silicone is the newest feature and addition in Shandali yoga towels.
STAY SAFE AND INJURY-FREE – Slipping is the #1 cause of injury in yoga, and injury is the #1 reason people stop doing yoga. Prevent slipping with silicone grip.
5 X LESS SLIPPING – By fusing the bottom of our yoga towels with our patented silicone”web-grip” bottom, you get a whole different level of stickiness and grip-like, 500% better.
A STRONGER BODY – Improve muscle tone and fitness when you practice yoga with more confidence.
ACHIEVE A DEEPER PRACTICE – Focus more deeply on your practice – no more worries about slipping. Develop more rapidly with a solid yoga practice.