Slimming Oolong Tea Capsules – 100% Pure All-Natural Oolong Extract – HIGH CONCENTRATION for Weight Loss, Diet, Detox, and Anti-Acne – WuYi Oolong Tea Capsules – 1 Month Supply (60 capsules)



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Okuma Nutritionals is a family-based business founded in 1998. It has earned its reputation as a leading health product company, specializing in importing and distributing premium health products. Each product is supported 100% by third-party research that indicates a tremendous increase in weight loss, an improved immune system, and better overall health. Okuma Nutritionals is headquartered in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida and ships worldwide.

Accelerate your metabolism, fight bloating, and cleanse your body from harmful toxins. Burn more fat without fasting or going on an extreme diet with Slimming Oolong Tea Capsules. Our premium 100% Pure Oolong capsule contains pure HIGH CONCENTRATED Oolong.

Burn calories and slim down faster. Our premium Oolong has been scientifically proven to boost your metabolism by helping your body burn fat more efficiently and reducing the build-up of body fat.

Flatten your belly and calm bloating. Our premium Oolong promotes healthy digestion, helps your body shed water weight, relieve uncomfortable gas, and deflate your belly.

Reduce inflammation, eliminate belly fat, boost immunity, and improve skin health by flushing out harmful toxins that build up over time. Slimming Oolong Tea Capsules have a HIGH CONCENTRATION of antioxidant cleansing power that helps fight damage to your cells.

Slimming Oolong Tea Capsules are the ultimate weight loss solution! These amazing Slimming Oolong Capsules have 4.5x more fat-burning polyphenols than other teas and burns over 2.5x more calories than green tea! Our Oolong Slimming Capsules are made from 100% pure, medicinal grade Oolong tea so you get amazing health benefits with NO additives, pesticides or chemicals.

Laboratory Certified 100% Pure and Natural – NO Additives – NO Preservatives – NO Pesticides – NO Calories
Super Convenient Slimming Oolong Capsules For People On-The-Go
Best Choice For Those Who Don’t Want To Drink Tea & Are Looking To Lose Weight Or Maintain Their Weight